Sunday, 2 March 2014


Galaxy Print t-shirt-H&M
Spiked Beanie-Primark

This laid-back outfit based around my new leather joggers from Forever 21 was inspired my Youtuber   Sunbeamsjess's recent 'Week in outfits' video. I'm a tad obsessed by her style, she's just always fearless with her styling and I really like that. If you haven't watched her videos before I'll put a link to her channel at the end, and go and subscribe to her, you won't be disappointed trust me.

I found the leather joggers to be on the tricker side to style, but who doesn't love a challenge?! I think the beanie and boots really tie it all together in an 'I just threw this on' kinda way, but you could also dress them up with heels and a cami top for an alternative look on a night out.  Last week I gave in and bought the BEAUTIFUL Aubrey 3 cut-out boots from Topshop after looking at them online for months. I got 30% off them with their seasonal offers on at the mo' and the 10% student discount AND free shipping during fashion week, so I was pretty pleased with myself. They are really chunky and great for trekking around the place in, you can definitely tell they were on the pricier side. They give a good height boost to vertically challenged people like myself, but the block heel is still comfortable to wear all day. The only downside to them is the leather is quite stiff and is hurting my foot at the place where the shoe bends when I walk. Fingers crossed it'll loosen out over time once I break them in!

I was having trouble uploading this to Lookbook for some reason, so I'm going to keep trying and I'm hoping it'll make it up there at some point!

Ciara x