Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The start of something big?

I better introduce introduce myself, it would be rude to just jump straight into rambling on about all things fashion and style related without so much as giving you my name. It's Ciara. I'm a student from Ireland who's friends are sick of her blabbering on about fashion/designers/style/personal expression/art/trends/colour/texture/fabric/ect.ect...

So, i've decided to give them a break and start a blog after about a year of putting it off. I kept thinking 'What would happen if I just went for it?' Even if no one reads it, so be it. I gave it a go.

 I'm probably just talking to myself. Oh well!
 But, as my dad says 'It's better to have followed your passion, then to spend your life wondering what could have been, if you had been brave enough to try.'



  1. I felt the same way when I started blogging! Keep with it and you will be surprised :) Hey, I read it.

    xx Grace


    1. Thank you so much Grace! Your comment made my day :) it's crazy that someone cared enough to read my blog, and I know I'm just getting started!