Saturday, 28 December 2013

Did someone say 'Sale!'?

It's that time of year again. Christmas day has officially come and gone, and crowds of determined shoppers are shoving past each other to get to the last top in a size 8 at 70% off. Don't get me wrong I love the dedication and focus, but it can get a bit out of hand with queues of people waiting outside of Next at 5am. They obviously haven't copped on to the effortless strategy of online sales shopping. While relaxing by the fire with a cup of tea, I've been searching for (and buying) some drool-worthy pieces from the online sales. Here are my top picks from the sales at River Island and Asos, two of my all time favourites. Enjoy! First up is Asos, and I have to admit they never disappoint in their sale which started the week before Christmas(just to see if they could torture me any more!).
I've had my eye on these velvet check trousers for a while now, and could you blame me?! They're ticking two trends at once, check and velvet, as well as being completely winter-y. They're still a bit pricy in my opinion at €61.65 down to €43.15, but still beautiful, none the less.
Now there's not much to say on this piece other than it is one amazing trophy sweat. As we all know trophy sweats with graphic prints, slogans, and clashing textures were huge in 2013, and this is the perfect mix of effortless and cool with 50% off at €41.10 down to €20.55.
Here's another great oversized sweat with a graphic checkerboard print and unusual coated finish. I've actually ordered this for myself so I will be featuring it in upcoming outfit posts! It's priced at €30.82 on sale from €61.65.
I love how simple the monochrome pallet of this dress is, in contrast to the unique geo embroidery and leather trimmings. A great all rounder from the petite range, perfect for people like me! On sale for €53.43.
Last but not least from Asos is this gem of a coat complete with biker cut, faux fur collar, and black and navy sleeves. You'll never have to worry about wearing 'blavy' again! Available for half price at €54.80 Now onto River Island who also started their sale online a week before Christmas, with the in-store sale starting on St. Stephan's Day/Boxing Day/26th of December, depending what country you're from!
These are a great pair of shorts for going out for dinner with friends or going clubbing, and can be worn with bare legs or tights, depending on the weather/occasion. A matching shirt is also available which I LOVE, if you're into the co-ord trend, but unfortunately it's not on sale. But the shorts are a steal at €18.
Another huge trend this autumn/winter was pale pastel pinks in a range of candy floss hues. The colour palette was taken straight from the runway and seen on everything from coats to dresses and jumpers like this one, now priced at €30.
And now an adorable wool bowler hat to top it all off. I like that this one is grey and not black, yet it still goes with everything. I think these are the cutest hats and complete any outfit, down to €9 from €25. Happy shopping! Ciara x

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Easy does it

I've been up the walls with study recently so I haven't had the chance to blog unfortunately. After a day of learning equations and french phrases(boring!)I decided to post a new look. This is just a really simple, hop out of bed and go outfit that's still fashionable and comfortable. They're the best kind really aren't they!? I think it's safe to say that I'm in love with my cut out boots from New Look. I think they look much more expensive with the added detail of the gold panelling. You'll probable be sick of them soon enough because I'll be wearing them with a lot of upcoming looks! I'm also getting really pumped because I'm going to Paris for a few days next week! YAY! Hopefully I'll get a chance to post some pictures of me looking overly excited! Ciara x

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Texture X Print

There's nothing that brings me as much happiness as mixing textures and prints together. That's a bit sad really isn't it? Well I'm not taking it back! I just can't get enough of this oversized sweatshirt complete with leather, embroidery, knit, quilting and a sheer panel thrown in for good measure. I'm glad I snapped this up at the start of the summer because this trend is going away anytime soon. 3D appliqués and mixed textures were seen al aver the S/S 2014 collection at London Fashion week recently. Burberry Prorsum knocked it out of the park as did one of my personal favourites Erdem. The man is a genius, and don't you forget it! The clash of print on the midi skirt just screams 'Look at me!' and I love the tropical print although sadly, summer has officially left us now. The cut-out boots just top it all off and make it (a little?) more Autumn appropriate. Im really looking forward to buying a few more Autumn/ Winter pieces soon. I'm especially on the lookout for cropped fluffy jumpers, check prints, and more leather. More is more in this case. And yes I do need more.
Oversized sweater-Zara, Tropical print midi skirt-Topshop, Cut-out boots-New Look, Cord Necklace- Topshop, Midi rings- River Island
Ciara x

Friday, 13 September 2013

And we danced all night

I wore this beautiful outfit for my 18th birthday party a few weeks ago (which was an unreal night!), and I would challenge anyone to not feel great in it. It's an attention grabbing outfit for sure. It has the perfect mix of comfort, glamour and edge, and was even easy to dance in which is very importatnt to me! Anyone who knows about my sense of style knows I cannot resist textured pieces. EVER.
The contrast between the jewel-toned embellishments and the deicate silk, backless top mesmerises me. If I'm standing in front of my wardrobe in the morning thinking "What the hell am I going to wear?!" I always fall back on the idea of mixing contrasting fabrics. It always looks like you put a lot of thought into your outfit, and elevates it to the next level without much effort.

Now can anyone take a guess as to wear this gorgeous outfit is from? Zara of course, where else?! I swear I have a serious problem with wanting to buy everything in Zara. The attention to detail and quality of their garments are just amazing for the price. Since I've been earning money from my summer job, half of my wardrobe now consists of Zara pieces! No exaggeration. I'm not going to lie though, I wouldn't be complaining if someday I collected enough to open up my own shop. A girl can dream.

Ciara x

Thursday, 22 August 2013

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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Fast Fashion #1 Finger top rings and NYC 'Lavender Cupcake' Nail varnish

I am completely head-over heels besotted and in love with these midi and finger top rings from River Island. I've loved this little trend since it emerged during Spring 2013, and after looking for a simple style with an affordable price tag I finally bought these beauties! They add a subtle, dainty yet edgy touch to the most basic outfit and enhance the overall look without stealing all of the attention like a statement cocktail ring (which I love too, don't get me wrong!). The plain and pyramid studded bands are available in a pack for €4, and the two arrow finger top rings are a steal at just €2! I cannot stop wearing these. It's a problem! They just go with everything, wether I'm dressed up for a night out, or having a lazy day in basic a t-shirt and jeans combo. Go and pick up a set from River Island before they sell out, I might even buy a second set! :P I also really like this new nail varnish from NYC called 'Lavender Cupcake'. I'm trying to stick to pastels since I'm trying to hold onto the summer forever! I can't help but be drawn to darker colours though! It's a really strong formula and gives a lovely thick, opaque finish with two coats. It claims to be chip-resistant for 10 days, and although I wouldn't agree that it possesses those magical powers, overall it stayed intact really well, and I had to apply another coat after 5 days. Which is actually pretty impressive considering I work part-time in a book shop!

Ciara x

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Rihanna for River Island - Autumn/Winter 2013/14 Collection

She's back again! After her iconic debut clothing collection with River Island earlier this year, Rihanna didn't keep us waiting too long for another immaculately designed collection for us to covet, for the Autumn/Winter 2013/14 season. Even though everyone is still in summer mode, the release of Autumn/ Winter collections never fails to cause ripples of excitement to move through designer and high-street lovers alike.

The pop-culture icon has stuck to her initital aesthetic of sport-luxe vibes, with a strong urban theme. Prints of camo and bold stripes pop, as well as striking textures like leather trousers, quilted bomer jackets, and mesh crop tops are also included. The collection features somewhat typical Autumn/Winter tones of deep burgundy, black, and army green with flashes of neon yellow for the braver ones out there! Rihanna has cleverly taken note of key silhouettes for the coming season of cut out shoulders, and cocoon cropped jumpers.

My standout pieces from the much anticipated collection are the striped midi dress, and cocoon cropped sweatshirt in the stunning shot below!

Take a look at the other campaign shots, taken on the streets of New York by photographer Lachlan Bailey. All that's left now is to wait and see if we will be treated to another runway show, like the unveiling of her first collection at London Fashion Week earlier in 2013. Fingers crossed!

Ciara x

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Style Crush ~ Angela Scanlon

With a thriving career in the fashion industry that is evolving day after day, freelance fashion writer, stylist and now Tv presenter Angela Scanlon is quickly becoming one of my style icons.
This Irish cailín is a big inspiration for me both in terms of her eclectic, edgy yet effortless, polished personal style, and her career achievements in writing and styling. On a side note, I also have bucket-loads of respect for anyone who embraces their natural traits ie. Angela's glossy red-hair, and ivory white skin tone (which I have myself!) are two typical Irish features that most try to cover up, but they are something she flaunts with pride. I love that. Go and check out her feature "Proud to be pale" in the current September issue of my style bible Company Magazine.
(How AMAZING is this outfit?! I want it. Now.)

 After studying business in college, she got involved with boutiques and styling in her hometown of Dublin, and eventually made the decision to move to London after multiple doors opened for her. She has worked for publications such as Vogue, Company, The Irish Times, and Grazia, as well as clients which include Topshop, The British Fashion Council, Christian Louboutin, and most recently with Louis Vuitton as a model for their Neverfull handbag. Angela's thriving career in the fashion industry is certainly one which I aspire to have the opportunity to emulate in the future. Vogue have already named her 'One to watch' for 2013, and I couldn't agree more!

Check out her blog here --->
Instagram --->
Twitter --->

 Here are a few snaps of my favourite drool-worthy looks from Angela!

Ciara x

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

3 in 1

Sorry for not posting for nearly a month, I was sunning myself on holiday! Plus i have been non-stop with work since I came home a week ago. Oh well, it pays for my fashion addiction! :D
I have finally gotten around to doing a previously promised post on how I would style this AMAZING River Island neon embossed jacket. It's from the Spring/Summer 2012 Collection, and unfortunately is not available any more, (for obvious reasons, I mean look at it!). It is a jacket of many tricks, with the ability to turn heads as a finishing piece to an already polished party outfit, as well as instantly adding a pop of colour and edge to a simple white shirt and boyfriend jeans. Here's 3 ways that I like to style this jacket for day and night time looks. Enjoy!

(Sorry the lighting isn't great, the only chance I had to take these photos were on a miserable rainy day. Thats Ireland for you!)

Outfit 1

Jacket-River Island
Blue silk top-Forever 21
White embossed skirt-Zara
Studded heels-River Island
Oversized jewel ring-Accessorize

 Outfit 2

Jacket-As before
Neon pink top-Primark
Elephant printed shorts-Primark
Turquoise flatforms-Zara
Gold necklace- Portuguese market

Outfit 3

Jacket- As before
White studded shirt- H&M
Ripped boyfriend jeans- American Eagle
 Studded pumps- Primark
Blue stone vine necklace- Zara
White ring- Forever 21

Ciara x

Thursday, 11 July 2013


My first post as an adult! AHHH! :0 :D

Its both exciting and terrifying turning 18, but I know things are only just getting started ;)

Annnnyyyhoooo....Here's what I'm wearing. I'm absolutely in love with my red skorts, and futuristic-like sunglasses from Zara. You certainly stand out from the crowd with these! Zara can do no wrong in my eyes. They always nail the perfect balance between sophistication and edge, with a feminine twist.

White chiffon top-Bershka
Red Skorts-Zara
Studded Gladiator heel-River Island

"Hello? It's Scotland calling from the future..."

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

This is a question everyone is plagued with form the age of about 4 years old. It first starts at school with replies like astronaut, singer, and firefighter. For me I remember saying "a teacher!", but I now know that's only because my mother is a teacher, along with many other members of my family and I just wanted to copy them. Then when the days of 14,15, and 16 years old came around, more sensible replies were given like nurse, lawyer, and electrical engineer. It felt like everyone around me had a plan and I was clueless. I put way too much pressure on myself to have a solid career path chosen , and when nothing in any of the country's top universities and collages grabbed my attention, I started looking further afield.

Then BOOM. Scotland found me. I say that because I honestly can't remember how I even came across the courses. My problem was none of the courses I was looking at here were creative enough without being a degree in Fine Art, or having a none-existent academic side. And since my OBSESSION with fashion to the point where I can't even sleep at night is quite evident, I'm sure it's no surprise that my dream would be to do a degree in fashion. I originally looked at Fashion Design, but self-doubt and a lack of security got the better of me, and so I started researching more industry focused degrees with an emphasis on both creativity and academia. After months of research I took a big step and went to a visit afternoon on the 26th of June 2013 in Robert Gordon University to look at their BA in Fashion Management. Although I had my mother's full support I was still nervous on the day of the visit. I needn't have worried because one word can be use to sum up RGU. Wow.

It is probably the most forward-thinking, modern, friendly university I have ever visited. After a tour of the campus where the group got to see the stunning new buildings on campus, (with more to come in the near future) including the sports centre and glass library with a stunning 360 degree view of the city.  (Glass windows are my weakness. I just couldn't handle it!) Then myself, and two other girls who were interested in the course (along with our mothers) had a meeting with Karen, the course leader. She was one of the coolest people I have met, and she reassured me that the course wasn't too business orientated, which I was concerned about because I'm not the most businessy person you could meet. It's  around 50% creative modules like creating a fashion magazine, styling, event management, and digital design using photoshop ect. and 50% business modules like marketing, PR and branding, all of which are aimed at the fashion industry so I think I would still enjoy them! The course is the perfect blend of allowing more creative students to shine and express themselves, along with it still being academic and suited to people who like business. Now I just have to hope I get accepted when I apply in September!! I also felt strangely at home in Aberdeen. It's a big enough city that there is loads to do, with a brilliant student scene, but not too big to be intimidating, or easy to get lost in, which I tend to do a lot in cities. I have absolutely no sense of direction whatsoever!!

What I wore to RGU

Jacket-River Island
 (Blog post coming soon on how to style it!)
Leather trousers-Vero Moda
Studded Pumps-Primark

The amazing view from the library!
(Even if it is a little cloudy)

We also made the journey down to Galashiels, south of Edinburgh, to take a look at the BA in Fashion Communication at Heriot Watt University. Although on paper the degree seems much more suited to me and my goals of working in fashion journalism/ advertising/ styling, if I'm completely honest, it felt all wrong in person. My number one had been demoted to number two! The course and university seemed quite intense, competitive and had practically no element of academics to it (which my mother did not like!). Even though the people I met there were nice and the building was modern, I just felt uncomfortable there. I know I would be very isolated there, unlike the vibrant city of Aberdeen and the atmosphere of RGU, and with little student support services I know I would struggle living in another country independently from my family for the first time. You have to follow your gut. And my gut was saying 'NO!'.

Even though that part of the trip didn't go as planned, I still enjoyed the beautiful sights and sounds of Edinburgh. The stunning architecture and bustling city atmosphere I saw in Aberdeen was even better, (no offence, I still love you! :P) and I loved walking around soaking it all in.It truly is a beautiful city, and I would definitely go back and spend more time there.
Lovin' life! :D

Me and my mom! :)

What I'm wearing
Oversized leather embossed jumper-Zara
Leather gilet-H&M

I really could see myself at RGU. It feels right, and the degree gives me the opportunity to follow my dream of working in fashion journalism/ advertising, while still being broad enough to give me the freedom to try new things and pursue other jobs within the fashion industry. In the end what will be will be.

I have a good feeling about the future......

Ciara x