Saturday, 28 December 2013

Did someone say 'Sale!'?

It's that time of year again. Christmas day has officially come and gone, and crowds of determined shoppers are shoving past each other to get to the last top in a size 8 at 70% off. Don't get me wrong I love the dedication and focus, but it can get a bit out of hand with queues of people waiting outside of Next at 5am. They obviously haven't copped on to the effortless strategy of online sales shopping. While relaxing by the fire with a cup of tea, I've been searching for (and buying) some drool-worthy pieces from the online sales. Here are my top picks from the sales at River Island and Asos, two of my all time favourites. Enjoy! First up is Asos, and I have to admit they never disappoint in their sale which started the week before Christmas(just to see if they could torture me any more!).
I've had my eye on these velvet check trousers for a while now, and could you blame me?! They're ticking two trends at once, check and velvet, as well as being completely winter-y. They're still a bit pricy in my opinion at €61.65 down to €43.15, but still beautiful, none the less.
Now there's not much to say on this piece other than it is one amazing trophy sweat. As we all know trophy sweats with graphic prints, slogans, and clashing textures were huge in 2013, and this is the perfect mix of effortless and cool with 50% off at €41.10 down to €20.55.
Here's another great oversized sweat with a graphic checkerboard print and unusual coated finish. I've actually ordered this for myself so I will be featuring it in upcoming outfit posts! It's priced at €30.82 on sale from €61.65.
I love how simple the monochrome pallet of this dress is, in contrast to the unique geo embroidery and leather trimmings. A great all rounder from the petite range, perfect for people like me! On sale for €53.43.
Last but not least from Asos is this gem of a coat complete with biker cut, faux fur collar, and black and navy sleeves. You'll never have to worry about wearing 'blavy' again! Available for half price at €54.80 Now onto River Island who also started their sale online a week before Christmas, with the in-store sale starting on St. Stephan's Day/Boxing Day/26th of December, depending what country you're from!
These are a great pair of shorts for going out for dinner with friends or going clubbing, and can be worn with bare legs or tights, depending on the weather/occasion. A matching shirt is also available which I LOVE, if you're into the co-ord trend, but unfortunately it's not on sale. But the shorts are a steal at €18.
Another huge trend this autumn/winter was pale pastel pinks in a range of candy floss hues. The colour palette was taken straight from the runway and seen on everything from coats to dresses and jumpers like this one, now priced at €30.
And now an adorable wool bowler hat to top it all off. I like that this one is grey and not black, yet it still goes with everything. I think these are the cutest hats and complete any outfit, down to €9 from €25. Happy shopping! Ciara x

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